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author jrose
date Wed, 22 Apr 2009 20:43:21 -0700
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6655638: dynamic languages need method handles
Summary: MethodHandle and related types, precursor to invokedynamic

- JVM support for method handles
- enabled via -XX:+MethodHandleSupport
- method handle types implemented:
- * direct method handles (all cases of invoke{static,special,virtual,interface})
- * bound method handles for any argument (any position, of type ref/int/long)
- * non-blocking argument conversion adapters: null retype, checkcast, prim-to-prim, ref-to-prim
- * argument motion adapters: duplicate, delete, swap, rotate argument(s)
- * non-blocking unbox and varargs adapters: unbox from wrapper, spread from reference array
- method handle types not implemented (must be created via Java code):
- * prim-to-prim when float and non-float types are mixed (matrix is incomplete)
- * blocking adapters: prim-to-ref argument (boxing), varargs collection
- * flyby, ricochet (complex blocking combinators, require arglist abstraction)
- JIT support: NYI (uses compiled-to-interpreted calling sequences currently)

- John Rose (Sun)
- JSR 292 EG

- unit tests in hotspot/src/share/projects/meth/test

Incremental testing:
This does not require a full JDK build.

$ cp -pr hotspot/src/share/projects/meth /tmp/meth
$ cp -pr hotspot/src/share/projects/anonk /tmp/anonk
$ cd /tmp/anonk
$ ant compile
$ cd /tmp/meth
$ ant compile
$ cat README.txt | sed '/--------/q'