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 For normal development, the guards 'buildable' and 'testable' should be present in the guard file, as well as the OpenJDK release in use.
 Example series file contents:
-	# base = f6c0827e5919 in
-	anonk.patch #-/anonk #+7836be3e92d0 #+jdk7-b25
-	meth.patch  #-/meth  #+7836be3e92d0 #+jdk7-b25
+	# base = 05f8c84c5daa in
+	anonk.patch #-/anonk #+05f8c84c5daa
+	meth.patch  #-/meth  #+05f8c84c5daa
 The 'qselect' command can be used to control these patches:
-	hg qselect 7836be3e92d0  # select both patches
-	hg qselect jdk7-b25 /meth  # select anonk but not meth
+	hg qselect 05f8c84c5daa  # select both patches
+	hg qselect 05f8c84c5daa /meth  # select anonk but not meth
 The first line of each series file must contain a twelve-digit hexadecimal number, which declares the base Mercurial revision for the patch series as a whole.  The script patches/make/ will scan this revision automatically.  By convention, the first line of the series file can be a handy human-readable description of that base.  If it were missing, the hexadecimal number would be extracted from the tag on the first patch in the series.
@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@
 	$ mkdir davinci
 	$ cd davinci
-        $ hg fclone sources
+        $ hg fclone sources
 	$ hg fclone patches
 	$ (cd patches/make; gnumake setup)  # will probably fail
 	$ (cd patches/make; gnumake force)  # force "hg update" to fix