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#include "incls/_precompiled.incl"
#include "incls/_assembler_linux_x86_32.cpp.incl"

void MacroAssembler::int3() {
  call(RuntimeAddress(CAST_FROM_FN_PTR(address, os::breakpoint)));

void MacroAssembler::get_thread(Register thread) {
  movl(thread, rsp);
  shrl(thread, PAGE_SHIFT);

  ExternalAddress tls_base((address)ThreadLocalStorage::sp_map_addr());
  Address index(noreg, thread, Address::times_4);
  ArrayAddress tls(tls_base, index);

  movptr(thread, tls);

bool MacroAssembler::needs_explicit_null_check(intptr_t offset) {
  // Linux kernel guarantees that the first page is always unmapped. Don't
  // assume anything more than that.
  bool offset_in_first_page =   0 <= offset  &&  offset < os::vm_page_size();
  return !offset_in_first_page;