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# Message resource file

BGMBuilder.NoGlobalElement = \
	Schema contains no global element declaration.

BGMBuilder.MultipleSchemaBindings = \
	Multiple <schemaBindings> are defined for the target namespace "{0}"

BGMBuilder.MultipleSchemaBindings.Location = \
	Another <schemaBindings> is defined here

ClassSelector.ClassNameIsRequired = \
	Cannot derive a name from schema. A name attribute specified to the <class> customization.

ClassSelector.IncorrectClassName = \
	Specified name ''{0}'' is not a valid Java identifier.

ClassSelector.IncorrectPackageName = \
	The package name ''{1}'' used for this schema is not a valid package name.

ClassSelector.JavadocHeading = \
	<p>Java class for {0}.\n\n<p>The following schema fragment specifies the expected \
	content contained within this class.

ClassSelector.JavadocLineUnknown = \

ClassSelector.ReservedClassName = \
	Attempt to create a class having the same name as the reserved word "{0}".

CollisionInfo.CollisionInfo = \
	The field name "{0}" is used by two different parts of a schema. See: \n\

CollisionInfo.UnknownFile = \
	unknown file

CollisionInfo.LineXOfY = \
	line {0} of {1}

ConversionFinder.CannotBeTypeSafeEnum = \
	A type safe enum customization is specified to a simple type that cannot \
	be mapped to a type safe enum.
ConversionFinder.CannotBeTypeSafeEnum.Location = \
	Ths relevant simple type declaration is specified at this location
ConversionFinder.NoEnumNameAvailable = \
	A name attribute is required to customize an anonymous simple type to type-safe enum.
    Unable to parse the expected MIME type "{0}". {1}. 

DatatypeBuilder.DatatypeError = \
	Simple type error: {0}

DefaultParticleBinder.UnableToGenerateNameFromModelGroup = \
	Unable to generate a property name from a model group. A customization is required.

DefaultParticleBinder.FallbackJavadoc = \
	Gets the rest of the content model. \n\
	You are getting this "catch-all" property because of the following reason: \n\
	To get rid of this property, apply a property customization to one \n\
	of both of the following declarations to change their names: \n

FieldBuilder.IncorrectFixedValue = \
	The value specified in the fixed attribute "{0}" is not a valid value for the datatype

FieldBuilder.IncorrectDefaultValue = \
	The value specified in the default attribute "{0}" is not a valid value for the datatype

FieldBuilder.ConflictBetweenUserTypeAndActualType.AttUse = \
	"{0}" is specified by a customization but this attribute has incompatible type "{1}"

FieldBuilder.ConflictBetweenUserTypeAndActualType.AttUse.Source = \
	The relevant customization is specified	at this location

FieldBuilder.Javadoc.NilProperty = \
	This property is used to control \
	<a href="">the xsi:nil feature</a> \
	of W3C XML Schema. \nSetting this property to true will cause \
	the output to be &lt;{0} xsi:nil="true" /> regardless of the \
	values of the other properties.

FieldBuilder.Javadoc.ValueObject = \
	get/set the complex type value associated with this element.\n \
	when you unmarshal a document that contains xsi:type, the get{1} method \
	would return an instance of derived classes of '{'@link {0}'}'. Similarly, if you set \
	an instance of derived classes, then you would get the instance with xsi:type \
	when you marshal out to XML.

SimpleTypeBuilder.UnnestedJavaTypeCustomization = \
    <javaType> customization in this context must be nested (JAXB spec sec 6.8.1): \n\
    \t  <baseType>\n\
    \t    <javaType ...>\n\
    \t  </baseType>\n\

UnusedCustomizationChecker.UnacknolwedgedCustomization = \
	compiler was unable to honor this {0} customization. It is attached to a wrong place, \
	or it's inconsistent with other bindings.

UnusedCustomizationChecker.UnacknolwedgedCustomization.Relevant = \
	(the above customization is attached to the following location in the schema)

    Two enum members yield the same constant name {0}

    (related to above) the other enum is defined at this location

    Cannot generate a constant name from the enumeration value "{0}". \
    Use <jaxb:typesafeEnumMember name="..."/> to specify one. 

    only one globalBindings customization is allowed in a whole compilation

    (related to above) but one is already given at this location

    {0} is in a referenced schema and do not have the corresponding Java class specified by \
    <jaxb:class ref="..."/> customization. Therefore it cannot be referenced from outside.

    (related to above) The schema for namespace "{0}" (which includes the above component) is \
    designated for reference only by this customization.

    (related to above) The problematic schema component is referenced from this component: {0}