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# SAAJ ResourceBundle properties file
# Contains Log messages for ver1_2 pkg encodingStyle attribute cannot appear on Body No other element except Fault allowed in SOAPBody encodingStyle attribute cannot appear on Detail encodingStyle attribute cannot appear on Envelope Body must be last element in SOAPEnvelope Envelope cannot contain anything other than Header and Body encodingStyle attribute cannot appear on Fault encodingStyle attribute cannot appear on a Fault child element encodingStyle attribute cannot appear on Header Cannot pass NULL to addNotUnderstoodHeaderElement Argument cannot be null; supportedURIs cannot be null List of supported URIs cannot be empty SOAP 1.2 header elements must be namespace qualified Actor not supported by SOAP 1.2
SAAJ0415.ver1_2.msg.invalid.soap1.2=SAAJ0415: InputStream does not represent a valid SOAP 1.2 Message Adding text to {0} is not legal
SAAJ0417.ver1_2.qname.not.ns.qualified=SAAJ0417: The qname passed to addNotUnderstoodHeaderElement must be namespace-qualified

#SOAPFault related errors
SAAJ0430.ver1_2.locale.required=SAAJ0430: locale is required and must not be null
SAAJ0431.ver1_2.xml.lang.missing=SAAJ0431: "xml:lang" attribute is not present on the Text element
SAAJ0432.ver1_2.subcode.not.ns.qualified=SAAJ0432: A Subcode must be namespace-qualified
#SAAJ0433.ver1_2.could.not.locate.prefix.for.uri=SAAJ0433: Unable to locate prefix for namespace value {0}
SAAJ0434.ver1_2.text.element.not.present=SAAJ0434: env:Text must be present inside env:Reason
SAAJ0435.ver1_2.code.not.standard=SAAJ0435: {0} is not a standard Code value
SAAJ0436.ver1_2.detail.exists.error=SAAJ0436: Cannot add Detail, Detail already exists
SAAJ0437.ver1_2.version.mismatch.error=SAAJ0437: Incorrect SOAP version for Detail element, expected SOAP 1.2