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Fixes/updates for nio2-b92 - NPE in multicast sample when network interface not specified - IPv6 hop count uses route default (linux only)) - DatagramChannel#getOption throws UOE instead of IAE for bogus option - CREATE and TRUNCATE combination of open options does not work (win only) - setOwner fails to set owner when privileges available (win only)) - moveTo across volumes or copyTo preserving attributes didn't copy security attrs (win only) - Directory attributes not copied correctly when moving/copying across fs (solaris/linux only) - ACL set/get throws confusing message when NFSv4 ACLs not supported on fs (solaris only) - Timer thread visible to user supplied ThreadFactory - Provider permission checks insufficient - NamedAttributeView#read missing IAE - NamedAttributeView#read didn't handle read-only buffer (linux only) - NamedAttributeView confusing exception when attribute name larger than max (linux only) - NamedAttributeView missing null check (win only) - Unable to access named attributes of sym links (win only) - ArrayIndexOutOfBounds when name empty (solaris only) - Eliminate IoFuture - CompletionHandler should define three methods - Clarify how cancellation should behave - Remove bogus UOE from attribute package - Path missing getFileSystem method - Part one of updates to AsynchronousChannelGroup
author alanb
date Tue, 24 Jun 2008 20:05:07 +0100
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# Makefile for the nio/aio sample code

BUILDDIR = ../../..

PRODUCT = java

include $(BUILDDIR)/common/Defs.gmk

SAMPLE_SRC_DIR = $(SHARE_SRC)/sample/nio/aio

SAMPLE_FILES =							\

all build: $(SAMPLE_FILES)


clean clobber:

.PHONY: all build clean clobber