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  This file should be located at the top of the OpenJFX Mercurial forest.

There are currently no build files here, but it will eventually contain a
top-level build file for the OpenJFX project.

The following sub-repositories are in the OpenJFX forest:

    rt - OpenJFX runtime

NOTE: All of the source code for the OpenJFX project is in the "rt"
sub-repository. If you have the Mercurial forest extension enabled,
then the easiest way to get this repostory is as follows:

A. If you already have a clone of this root repository:

    hg fpull -u

B. If you do not yet have a clone of this root repository:

    hg fclone

If you want to clone them separately (or don't have the hg forest extention):

    hg clone
    cd master
    hg clone