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        <div>This package contains meta data for describing JavaFX Beans.
        The set of available meta data can be used to describe both visual,
        and non-visual beans. Any bean may have properties and events.</div>

        <div>The meta-data comes in two parts. A DesignInfo is a side-car
        file which is ultimately what is used by tools to understand the
        structure, default values, and other meta information about a bean.
        This DesignInfo can be created by hand, or it can be automatically
        generated using annotations and an annotation processor.</div>

        <div>Although a Bean can have any arbitrary methods, in general we
        support only Beans with default constructors <strong>or</strong>
        a builder. We are happy to construct immutable objects or complicated
        objects by deferring to a builder rather than attempting to
        construct the object directly. In such a case, the only methods of
        constructed supported on the builder are those that directly relate
        to properties defined on the object.</div>

        <div>Any bean may have zero or more Properties. A Property may be
        a simple property (such as "visible" on Node), or complex (such as
        "font" or "clip"), or an event (such as "onMouseMoved"). But they are
        all just properties (even events are just properties, as are
        callbacks). Both Event properties and Callback properties are handled
        specially since they take code blocks rather than normal objects.</div>