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 * Copyright (c) 2011, 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
#ifndef ClipboardJava_h
#define ClipboardJava_h

#include "Clipboard.h"
#include "DataObjectJava.h"
#include "CachedResourceClient.h"

namespace WTF {
    class String;
using WTF::String;

namespace WebCore {

    class CachedImage;
    class Element;
    class Frame;
    class Image;
    class KURL;
    class Range;

    class ClipboardJava : public Clipboard, public CachedResourceClient {
        friend class DragClientJava;
        static PassRefPtr<Clipboard> create(
            ClipboardAccessPolicy policy,
            ClipboardType type,
            PassRefPtr<DataObjectJava> data,
            Frame* frame)
            return adoptRef(new ClipboardJava(policy, type, data, frame));

        virtual ~ClipboardJava();

        virtual void clearData(const String& type);
        virtual void clearData();
        virtual String getData(const String& type) const;
        virtual bool setData(const String& type, const String& data);

        // extensions beyond IE's API
        virtual ListHashSet<String> types() const;
        virtual PassRefPtr<FileList> files() const;

        virtual void setDragImage(CachedImage*, const IntPoint&);
        virtual void setDragImageElement(Node*, const IntPoint&);

        //Provides the DOM specified
        virtual DragImageRef createDragImage(IntPoint& dragLoc) const;
        virtual void declareAndWriteDragImage(Element*, const KURL&, const String& title, Frame*);
        virtual void writeURL(const KURL&, const String&, Frame*);
        virtual void writeRange(Range*, Frame*);
        virtual void writePlainText(const String&);

        virtual bool hasData();
        virtual ListHashSet<String> typesPrivate() const;
            ClipboardAccessPolicy policy,
            ClipboardType type,
            PassRefPtr<DataObjectJava> dataObject,
            Frame* frame);

        void setDragImage(CachedImage* image, Node* node, const IntPoint& loc);
        RefPtr<DataObjectJava> m_dataObject;
        Frame* m_frame;

} // namespace WebCore

#endif // !ClipboardJava_h