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 * Copyright (c) 2011, 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
#ifndef DragClientJava_h
#define DragClientJava_h

#include "Clipboard.h"
#include "DragActions.h"
#include "DragClient.h"
#include "DragImage.h"
#include "Frame.h"
#include "IntPoint.h"
#include "JavaEnv.h"

namespace WebCore {
    class Clipboard;
    class DragData;
    class Frame;
    class Image;
    class HTMLImageElement;
    class DragClientJava : public DragClient {
        DragClientJava(const JLObject &webPage);
        virtual ~DragClientJava();

        virtual void willPerformDragDestinationAction(DragDestinationAction, DragData* data);
        virtual void willPerformDragSourceAction(DragSourceAction, const IntPoint&, Clipboard* clipboard);
        virtual DragDestinationAction actionMaskForDrag(DragData* data);
        //We work in window rather than view coordinates here
        virtual DragSourceAction dragSourceActionMaskForPoint(const IntPoint& windowPoint);
        virtual void startDrag(DragImageRef dragImage, const IntPoint& dragImageOrigin, const IntPoint& eventPos, Clipboard* clipboard, Frame* frame, bool linkDrag = false);
        virtual DragImageRef createDragImageForLink(KURL& url, const String& label, Frame* frame);
        virtual void dragControllerDestroyed();
        JGObject m_webPage;
} // namespace WebCore

#endif // !DragClientJava_h