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RT-38330: Javadoc is missing for several methods of the Node class
author kcr
date Fri, 15 Aug 2014 14:36:31 -0700
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@@ -8598,11 +8598,14 @@
      * Find CSS styles that were used to style this Node in its current pseudo-class state. The map will contain the styles from this node and,
      * if the node is a Parent, its children. The node corresponding to an entry in the Map can be obtained by casting a StyleableProperty key to a
-     * and calling getBean(). The List<Style> contains only those styles used to style the property and will contain
+     * and calling getBean(). The List contains only those styles used to style the property and will contain
      * styles used to resolve lookup values.
      * @param styleMap A Map to be populated with the styles. If null, a new Map will be allocated.
      * @return The Map populated with matching styles.
+     *
+     * @treatAsPrivate implementation detail
+     * @deprecated This is an internal API that is not intended for use and will be removed in the next version
     @Deprecated // SB-dependency: RT-21096 has been filed to track this
     public Map<StyleableProperty<?>,List<Style>> impl_findStyles(Map<StyleableProperty<?>,List<Style>> styleMap) {