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RT-18928: TabPane testability issue. There is no way to get menu item in context menu of tab pane corresponding to Tab.
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date Thu, 19 Jan 2012 15:23:33 -0800
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
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<project name="JavaFX Runtime" default="dist" basedir=".">
    <description>Builds, tests, and runs the project JavaFX Runtime</description>

    <import file="../build-defs.xml"/>
    <property name="build.dir" value="${basedir}/build"/>

    <property name="rt.root.dir" location="${basedir}/../rt"/>

    <target name="init">
        <!-- ensure version 1.7.1 of ant -->
        <fail message="Ant version 1.7.1 or later is required to build JavaFX.">
            <condition><not><antversion atleast="1.7.1"/></not></condition>

        Build targets...

    <fileset dir="${rt.root.dir}" id="">
        <include name="javafx-beans-dt/dist/javafx-beans-dt.jar"/>
        <include name="javafx-concurrent/dist/javafx-concurrent.jar"/>
        <include name="javafx-designtime/dist/javafx-designtime.jar"/>
        <include name="javafx-ui-controls/dist/javafx-ui-controls.jar"/>
        <include name="javafx-util-converter/dist/javafx-util-converter.jar"/>

    <target name="dist" depends="init">
        <ant antfile="${rt.root.dir}/javafx-beans-dt/build.xml" target="jar" inheritAll="false"/>
        <ant antfile="${rt.root.dir}/javafx-concurrent/build.xml" target="jar" inheritAll="false"/>
        <!--<ant antfile="${rt.root.dir}/javafx-designtime/build.xml" target="jar" inheritAll="false"/>-->
        <ant antfile="${rt.root.dir}/javafx-ui-controls/build.xml" target="jar" inheritAll="false"/>
        <ant antfile="${rt.root.dir}/javafx-util-converter/build.xml" target="jar" inheritAll="false"/>

      Testing targets...

    <target name="test">
        <ant antfile="${rt.root.dir}/javafx-beans-dt/build.xml" target="test" inheritAll="false"/>
        <ant antfile="${rt.root.dir}/javafx-concurrent/build.xml" target="test" inheritAll="false"/>
        <!--<ant antfile="${rt.root.dir}/javafx-designtime/build.xml" target="test" inheritAll="false"/>-->
        <ant antfile="${rt.root.dir}/javafx-ui-controls/build.xml" target="test" inheritAll="false"/>
        <ant antfile="${rt.root.dir}/javafx-util-converter/build.xml" target="test" inheritAll="false"/>

        Clean-up targets...

    <target name="clean" depends="init">
        <delete dir="${build.dir}"/>
        <delete dir="dist"/>
        <ant antfile="${rt.root.dir}/javafx-beans-dt/build.xml" target="clean" inheritAll="false"/>
        <ant antfile="${rt.root.dir}/javafx-concurrent/build.xml" target="clean" inheritAll="false"/>
        <!--<ant antfile="${rt.root.dir}/javafx-designtime/build.xml" target="clean" inheritAll="false"/>-->
        <ant antfile="${rt.root.dir}/javafx-ui-controls/build.xml" target="clean" inheritAll="false"/>
        <ant antfile="${rt.root.dir}/javafx-util-converter/build.xml" target="clean" inheritAll="false"/>
        Create an openjfxrt.jar file...
    <target name="jar" depends="dist">
        <echo>Creating merged openjfxrt.jar file</echo>
        <mkdir dir="dist" />
        <jar destfile="dist/openjfxrt.jar">
            <zipgroupfileset dir="." includes="**/dist/*.jar" /> 
    <target name="default" depends="jar" />