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date Fri, 24 Aug 2018 15:06:40 +0530
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// © 2016 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others.
// License & terms of use:
*   Copyright (C) 1999-2011, International Business Machines
*   Corporation and others.  All Rights Reserved.

 *   UCommonData   An abstract interface for dealing with ICU Common Data Files.
 *                 ICU Common Data Files are a grouping of a number of individual
 *                 data items (resources, converters, tables, anything) into a
 *                 single file or dll.  The combined format includes a table of
 *                 contents for locating the individual items by name.
 *                 Two formats for the table of contents are supported, which is
 *                 why there is an abstract inteface involved.
 *                 These functions are part of the ICU internal implementation, and
 *                 are not inteded to be used directly by applications.

#ifndef __UCMNDATA_H__
#define __UCMNDATA_H__

#include "unicode/udata.h"
#include "umapfile.h"


typedef struct  {
    uint16_t    headerSize;
    uint8_t     magic1;
    uint8_t     magic2;
} MappedData;

typedef struct  {
    MappedData  dataHeader;
    UDataInfo   info;
} DataHeader;

typedef struct {
    uint32_t nameOffset;
    uint32_t dataOffset;
} UDataOffsetTOCEntry;

typedef struct {
    uint32_t count;
     * Variable-length array declared with length 1 to disable bounds checkers.
     * The actual array length is in the count field.
    UDataOffsetTOCEntry entry[1];
} UDataOffsetTOC;

 * Get the header size from a const DataHeader *udh.
 * Handles opposite-endian data.
 * @internal
U_CFUNC uint16_t
udata_getHeaderSize(const DataHeader *udh);

 * Get the UDataInfo.size from a const UDataInfo *info.
 * Handles opposite-endian data.
 * @internal
U_CFUNC uint16_t
udata_getInfoSize(const UDataInfo *info);

 *  "Virtual" functions for data lookup.
 *  To call one, given a UDataMemory *p, the code looks like this:
 *     p->vFuncs.Lookup(p, tocEntryName, pErrorCode);
 *          (I sure do wish this was written in C++, not C)

typedef const DataHeader *
(U_CALLCONV * LookupFn)(const UDataMemory *pData,
                        const char *tocEntryName,
                        int32_t *pLength,
                        UErrorCode *pErrorCode);

typedef uint32_t
(U_CALLCONV * NumEntriesFn)(const UDataMemory *pData);


typedef struct {
    LookupFn      Lookup;
    NumEntriesFn  NumEntries;
} commonDataFuncs;

 *  Functions to check whether a UDataMemory refers to memory containing
 *     a recognizable header and table of contents a Common Data Format
 *     If a valid header and TOC are found,
 *         set the CommonDataFuncs function dispatch vector in the UDataMemory
 *             to point to the right functions for the TOC type.
 *     otherwise
 *         set an errorcode.
U_CFUNC void udata_checkCommonData(UDataMemory *pData, UErrorCode *pErrorCode);