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RT-34893: [Media] Use of QuickTime prevents Mac AppStore Submission Summary: Added new media platform module which uses AVFoundation instead of QTKit Reviewed-by: almatvee, stayer, kcr, flar
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#ifndef _VIDEO_FRAME_H_
#define _VIDEO_FRAME_H_

#include <stdlib.h>

 * class CVideoFrame
 * Class representing a video frame.  Specific engines may have their own derived
 * classes.  For example, CGstVideoFrame.
class CVideoFrame
    enum FrameType
        // NOTE: These MUST be kept in sync with the native types in
        ARGB = 1,
        BGRA_PRE = 2,
        YCbCr_420p = 100,
        YCbCr_422 = 101,
        YCbCr_422_rev = 102

    virtual ~CVideoFrame();

    virtual void        Dispose() {}

    double              GetTime();

    int                 GetWidth();
    int                 GetHeight();
    int                 GetEncodedWidth();
    int                 GetEncodedHeight();

    FrameType           GetType();
    bool                HasAlpha();

    int                 GetPlaneCount();
    void*               GetDataForPlane(int planeIndex);
    unsigned long       GetSizeForPlane(int planeIndex);
    int                 GetStrideForPlane(int planeIndex);

    virtual CVideoFrame *ConvertToFormat(FrameType type);

    bool                GetFrameDirty() { return m_FrameDirty; }
    void                SetFrameDirty(bool dirty) { m_FrameDirty = dirty; }

    int                 m_iWidth;
    int                 m_iHeight;
    int                 m_iEncodedWidth;
    int                 m_iEncodedHeight;
    FrameType           m_typeFrame;
    bool                m_bHasAlpha;
    double              m_dTime;
    bool                m_FrameDirty;

    // frame data buffers
    int                 m_iPlaneCount;
    void*               m_pvPlaneData[4];
    unsigned long       m_pulPlaneSize[4];
    int                 m_piPlaneStrides[4];

    void SwapPlanes(int aa, int bb);

#endif  //_VIDEO_FRAME_H_