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#include <jni.h>
#include <Locator/LocatorStream.h>

class CJavaInputStreamCallbacks : public CStreamCallbacks
virtual ~CJavaInputStreamCallbacks();

    bool Init(JNIEnv *env, jobject jLocator);

    bool NeedBuffer();
    int  ReadNextBlock();
    int  ReadBlock(int64_t position, int size);
    void CopyBlock(void* destination, int size);
    bool IsSeekable();
    bool IsRandomAccess();
    int64_t Seek(int64_t position);
    void CloseConnection();
    int  Property(int prop, int value);
    int  GetStreamSize();

    jobject          m_ConnectionHolder;

    JavaVM           *m_jvm;
    static jfieldID  m_BufferFID;
    static jmethodID m_NeedBufferMID;
    static jmethodID m_ReadNextBlockMID;
    static jmethodID m_ReadBlockMID;
    static jmethodID m_IsSeekableMID;
    static jmethodID m_IsRandomAccessMID;
    static jmethodID m_SeekMID;
    static jmethodID m_CloseConnectionMID;
    static jmethodID m_PropertyMID;
    static jmethodID m_GetStreamSizeMID;