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RT-36230: [Accessibility] New accessibility implementation Reviewed-by: Kevin Rushforth, David Hill
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#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import <jni.h>

#import "GlassWindow.h"

@interface GlassWindow (Java)

- (void)_sendJavaWindowMoveToAnotherScreenEventIfNeeded;
- (void)_sendJavaWindowMoveEventForFrame:(NSRect)frame;
- (void)_sendJavaWindowResizeEvent:(int)type forFrame:(NSRect)frame;

- (id)_initWithContentRect:(NSRect)contentRect styleMask:(NSUInteger)windowStyle screen:(NSScreen *)screen jwindow:(jobject)jwindow jIsChild:(jboolean)jIsChild;
- (NSWindow*)_getCurrentWindow;
- (void)_ungrabFocus;
+ (void)_resetGrab;
- (void)_checkUngrab;
- (void)_grabFocus;
- (void)_setResizable;
- (NSRect)_constrainFrame:(NSRect)frame;
- (void)_setVisible;
- (void)_setBounds:(jint)x y:(jint)y xSet:(jboolean)xSet ySet:(jboolean)ySet w:(jint)w h:(jint)h cw:(jint)cw ch:(jint)ch;
- (void)_setWindowFrameWithRect:(NSRect)rect withDisplay:(jboolean)display withAnimate:(jboolean)animate;
- (void)_restorePreZoomedRect;
- (NSScreen*)_getScreen;

- (void)_setFlipFrame:(NSRect)frameRect display:(BOOL)displayFlag animate:(BOOL)animateFlag;
- (NSRect)_flipFrame;