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8195074: Improve signing mechanism on Mac 10.12+ Reviewed-by: kcr
author vdrozdov
date Thu, 25 Jan 2018 11:44:19 -0800
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line source Installer
bundler.description=Mac PKG Installer Bundle. Developer ID Installer Signing Key
param.signing-key-developer-id-installer.description=The full name of the Apple Developer ID Installer signing key.
param.packages-root.description=This is temporary location for component packages (application and daemon).  The packages are incorporated into final product package. Suffix
param.installer-suffix.description=The suffix for the installer name for this package.  <name><suffix>.pkg.
param.scripts-dir.description=This is temporary location for package scripts

resource.pkg-preinstall-script=PKG preinstall script
resource.pkg-postinstall-script=PKG postinstall script
resource.pkg-background-image=pkg background image to run after application image is populated

error.parameters-null=Parameters map is null.
error.parameters-null.advice=Pass in a non-null parameters map.
error.license-missing=Specified license file is missing.
error.license-missing.advice=Make sure that "{0}" references a file in the app resources, and that it is relative to the basedir "{1}".
error.explicit-sign-no-cert=Signature explicitly requested but no signing certificate specified.
error.explicit-sign-no-cert.advice=Either specify a valid cert in 'mac.signing-key-developer-id-installer' or unset 'signBundle' or set 'signBundle' to false.
error.cannot-create-output-dir=Output directory {0} cannot be created.
error.cannot-write-to-output-dir=Output directory {0} is not writable.

message.building-pkg=Building PKG package for {0}
message.running-script=Running shell script on application image [{0}]
message.preparing-scripts=Preparing package scripts
message.preparing-distribution-dist=Preparing distribution.dist\: {0}
message.config-save-location=Config files are saved to {0}. Use them to customize package.
message.intermediate-image-location=[DEBUG] Intermediate application bundle image\: {0}
message.signing.pkg=Warning: For signing PKG, you might need to set "Always Trust" for your certificate using "Keychain Access" tool.