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[DOC ONLY] Fix to ComboBox javadoc based on OTN forum thread highlighting inconsistencies (due to API changes late in the 2.1 development cycle). The OTN thread can be found here:
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  * exceedingly long.
  * <p>As with ListView, it is possible to modify the 
- * {@link javafx.scene.control.SelectionModel SelectionModel} that is used, 
- * although this is likely to be rarely changed. The default
- * SelectionModel used in ComboBox is a {@link SingleSelectionModel}, but this
- * can be switched out by developers to instead allow for multiple selection to 
- * occur, or to alter the behavior of the various methods provided in these APIs.
+ * {@link javafx.scene.control.SelectionModel selection model} that is used, 
+ * although this is likely to be rarely changed. This is because the ComboBox
+ * enforces the need for a {@link javafx.scene.control.SingleSelectionModel} 
+ * instance, and it is not likely that there is much need for alternate 
+ * implementations. Nonetheless, the option is there should use cases be found 
+ * for switching the selection model.
  * <p>As the ComboBox internally renders content with a ListView, API exists in
  * the ComboBox class to allow for a custom cell factory to be set. For more