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         "-fx-blend-mode". </p>
     <h3><a name="intropublicapi" id="intropublicapi">CSS Public API</a></h3>
     Beginning with JavaFX 8.0, public API is available for developers to create styleable properties and manage
-    pseudo-class state. Refer to <a href="../../../javafx/css/package.html">javafx.css</a> for details.
+    pseudo-class state. Refer to <a href="../../../javafx/css/package-summary.html">javafx.css</a> for details.
     <h3><a name="introlimitations" id="introlimitations">Limitations</a></h3>
     <p> While the JavaFX CSS parser will parse valid CSS syntax, it is not a
         fully compliant CSS parser. One should not expect the parser to handle