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 * Copyright (c) 2007, 2018, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
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 * published by the Free Software Foundation.
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#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <jni.h>
#include <jvmti.h>
#include <aod.h>
#include <jvmti_aod.h>

extern "C" {

 * Expected agent work scenario:
 *  - during initialization agent enables events VMObjectAlloc
 *  - agent receives VMObjectAlloc event for instance of InterruptedException,
 *    redefines class InterruptedException and finishes work

#define REDEFINED_CLASS_NAME "Ljava/lang/InterruptedException;"
#define REDEFINED_CLASS_FILE_NAME "java/lang/InterruptedException"

static Options* options = NULL;
static const char* agentName;

static jvmtiEvent testEvents[] = {JVMTI_EVENT_VM_OBJECT_ALLOC};

static const int testEventsNumber = 1;

void JNICALL vmObjectAllocHandler(jvmtiEnv * jvmti,
        JNIEnv * jni,
        jthread thread,
        jobject object,
        jclass object_class,
        jlong size) {
    char className[MAX_STRING_LENGTH];

    if (!nsk_jvmti_aod_getClassName(jvmti, object_class, className)) {
        nsk_jvmti_aod_disableEventsAndFinish(agentName, testEvents, testEventsNumber, 0, jvmti, jni);

    NSK_DISPLAY2("%s: ObjectAlloc event received (object class: %s)\n", agentName, className);

    if (!strcmp(className, REDEFINED_CLASS_NAME)) {
        int success = 1;

        if (!NSK_VERIFY(nsk_jvmti_aod_redefineClass(options, jvmti, object_class, REDEFINED_CLASS_FILE_NAME))) {
            NSK_COMPLAIN1("%s: failed to redefine class\n", agentName);
            success = 0;

        nsk_jvmti_aod_disableEventsAndFinish(agentName, testEvents, testEventsNumber, success, jvmti, jni);

JNIEXPORT jint JNI_OnLoad_attach002aAgent00(JavaVM *jvm, char *options, void *reserved) {
    return JNI_VERSION_1_8;

Agent_OnAttach_attach002aAgent00(JavaVM *vm, char *optionsString, void *reserved)
Agent_OnAttach(JavaVM *vm, char *optionsString, void *reserved)
    jvmtiEventCallbacks eventCallbacks;
    jvmtiCapabilities caps;
    jvmtiEnv* jvmti = NULL;
    JNIEnv* jni = NULL;

    if (!NSK_VERIFY((options = (Options*) nsk_aod_createOptions(optionsString)) != NULL))
        return JNI_ERR;

    agentName = nsk_aod_getOptionValue(options, NSK_AOD_AGENT_NAME_OPTION);

    if ((jni = (JNIEnv*) nsk_aod_createJNIEnv(vm)) == NULL)
        return NSK_FALSE;

    if (!NSK_VERIFY((jvmti = nsk_jvmti_createJVMTIEnv(vm, reserved)) != NULL))
        return JNI_ERR;

    memset(&caps, 0, sizeof(caps));
    caps.can_redefine_classes = 1;
    caps.can_generate_vm_object_alloc_events = 1;
    if (!NSK_JVMTI_VERIFY(jvmti->AddCapabilities(&caps)) ) {
        return JNI_ERR;

    memset(&eventCallbacks,0, sizeof(eventCallbacks));
    eventCallbacks.VMObjectAlloc = vmObjectAllocHandler;
    if (!NSK_JVMTI_VERIFY(jvmti->SetEventCallbacks(&eventCallbacks, sizeof(eventCallbacks))) ) {
        return JNI_ERR;

    if (!(nsk_jvmti_aod_enableEvents(jvmti, testEvents, testEventsNumber))) {
        return JNI_ERR;

    NSK_DISPLAY1("%s: initialization was done\n", agentName);

    if (!NSK_VERIFY(nsk_aod_agentLoaded(jni, agentName)))
        return JNI_ERR;

    return JNI_OK;