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8207765: intermittent failure Summary: Lower the interval rate and check GC objects too Reviewed-by: dcubed, sspitsyn Contributed-by:
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date Wed, 25 Jul 2018 10:51:16 -0700
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"basic" language and library tests. These need run only with File read 
permission to read files under "test/script" or subdirs and property read
permission to read properties named "nashorn.test.*"


scripts that should result in compile-time error. The expected files check
for the error message format etc.


Tests that fail currently - but should pass eventually.
These are excluded for now.


Tests to check that sandbox scripts cannot access security sensitive resources.
Scripts under this directory run with no special permissions other than
what is given to all "sandbox" scripts.


These tests run under AllPermission. Put only those scripts that really need
AllPermission - say for eg. creating class loader, full reflective access.