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JDI Type Signatures
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<caption style="font-size:x-large"><b>JDI Type Signatures</b></caption>
<tr><th scope="col">Type Signature
<th scope="col">Java Type
<tr><th scope="row">Z<td>boolean
<tr><th scope="row">B<td>byte
<tr><th scope="row">C<td>char
<tr><th scope="row">S<td>short
<tr><th scope="row">I<td>int
<tr><th scope="row">J<td>long
<tr><th scope="row">F<td>float
<tr><th scope="row">D<td>double
<tr><th scope="row"><strong>L</strong> <em>fully-qualified-class</em> 
<tr><th scope="row"><strong>[</strong> <em>type
<tr><th scope="row">
<strong>(</strong> <em>arg-types </em><strong>)</strong> <em>ret-type
<td>method type (including constructors)
<p>For example, the Java method:
<pre>    long f (int n, String s, int[] arr);
</pre>has the following type signature:
<pre>    (ILjava/lang/String;[I)J