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tbell@44 1 OpenJDK Trademark Notice
tbell@44 2 Version 1.1, 2008/3/10
tbell@44 3
tbell@44 4 OpenJDK (the "Name") is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. (the "Owner").
tbell@44 5 Owner permits any person obtaining a copy of this software (the "Software")
tbell@44 6 which is based on original software retrieved from one of the following
tbell@44 7 websites:,,
tbell@44 8 or (each a "Website", with the original software made
tbell@44 9 available by the Owner on a Website being known as the "Website Software") to
tbell@44 10 use the Name in package names and version strings of the Software subject to
tbell@44 11 the following conditions:
tbell@44 12
tbell@44 13 - The Software is a substantially complete implementation of the OpenJDK
tbell@44 14 development kit or runtime environment code made available by Owner on a
tbell@44 15 Website, and the vast majority of the Software code is identical to the
tbell@44 16 upstream Website Software;
tbell@44 17
tbell@44 18 - No permission is hereby granted to use the Name in any other manner,
tbell@44 19 unless such use constitutes "fair use."
tbell@44 20
tbell@44 21 - The Owner makes no warranties of any kind respecting the Name and all
tbell@44 22 representations and warranties, including any implied warranty of
tbell@44 23 merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement
tbell@44 24 are hereby disclaimed; and
tbell@44 25
tbell@44 26 - This notice and the following legend are included in all copies of the
tbell@44 27 Software or portions of it:
tbell@44 28
tbell@44 29 OpenJDK is a trademark or registered trademark of Sun Microsystems,
tbell@44 30 Inc. in the United States and other countries.
tbell@44 31
tbell@44 32 The Name may also be used in connection with descriptions of the Software that
tbell@44 33 constitute "fair use," such as "derived from the OpenJDK code base" or "based
tbell@44 34 on the OpenJDK source code."
tbell@44 35
tbell@44 36 Owner intends to revise this Notice as necessary in order to meet the needs of
tbell@44 37 the OpenJDK Community. Please send questions or comments about this Notice to
tbell@44 38 Sun Microsystems at Revisions to this Notice will be
tbell@44 39 announced on the public mailing list, to which you
tbell@44 40 may subscribe by visiting The latest version of
tbell@44 41 this Notice may be found at