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8172049: [s390] Implement "JEP 270: Reserved Stack Areas for Critical Sections". Reviewed-by: mdoerr
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#ifndef CPU_S390_VM_C2_GLOBALS_S390_HPP
#define CPU_S390_VM_C2_GLOBALS_S390_HPP

#include "utilities/globalDefinitions.hpp"
#include "utilities/macros.hpp"

// Sets the default values for platform dependent flags used by the server compiler.
// (see c2_globals.hpp).
// Sorted according to sparc.

define_pd_global(bool, BackgroundCompilation,        true);
define_pd_global(bool, CICompileOSR,                 true);
define_pd_global(bool, InlineIntrinsics,             true);
define_pd_global(bool, PreferInterpreterNativeStubs, false);
define_pd_global(bool, ProfileTraps,                 true);
define_pd_global(bool, UseOnStackReplacement,        true);
define_pd_global(bool, ProfileInterpreter,           true);
define_pd_global(bool, TieredCompilation,            trueInTiered);
define_pd_global(intx, CompileThreshold,             10000);

define_pd_global(intx, OnStackReplacePercentage,     140);
define_pd_global(intx, ConditionalMoveLimit,         4);
define_pd_global(intx, FLOATPRESSURE,                15);
define_pd_global(intx, FreqInlineSize,               175);
// 10 prevents spill-split-recycle sanity check in JVM2008.xml.transform.
define_pd_global(intx, INTPRESSURE,                  10); // Medium size register set, 6 special purpose regs, 3 SOE regs.
define_pd_global(intx, InteriorEntryAlignment,       2);
define_pd_global(size_t, NewSizeThreadIncrease,      ScaleForWordSize(4*K));
define_pd_global(intx, RegisterCostAreaRatio,        12000);
define_pd_global(bool, UseTLAB,                      true);
define_pd_global(bool, ResizeTLAB,                   true);
define_pd_global(intx, LoopUnrollLimit,              60);
define_pd_global(intx, LoopPercentProfileLimit,      10);
define_pd_global(intx, PostLoopMultiversioning,      false);
define_pd_global(intx, MinJumpTableSize,             18);

// Peephole and CISC spilling both break the graph, and so makes the
// scheduler sick.
define_pd_global(bool, OptoPeephole,                 false);
define_pd_global(bool, UseCISCSpill,                 true);
define_pd_global(bool, OptoBundling,                 false);
define_pd_global(bool, OptoScheduling,               false);
define_pd_global(bool, OptoRegScheduling,            false);
define_pd_global(bool, SuperWordLoopUnrollAnalysis,  false);
// On s390x, we can clear the array with a single instruction,
// so don't idealize it.
define_pd_global(bool, IdealizeClearArrayNode,       false);

// InitialCodeCacheSize derived from specjbb2000 run.
define_pd_global(uintx, InitialCodeCacheSize,        2048*K); // Integral multiple of CodeCacheExpansionSize
define_pd_global(uintx, ReservedCodeCacheSize,       48*M);
define_pd_global(uintx, NonProfiledCodeHeapSize,     21*M);
define_pd_global(uintx, ProfiledCodeHeapSize,        22*M);
define_pd_global(uintx, NonNMethodCodeHeapSize,      5*M);
define_pd_global(uintx, CodeCacheExpansionSize,      64*K);

// Ergonomics related flags
define_pd_global(uint64_t, MaxRAM,                   128ULL*G);
define_pd_global(uintx, CodeCacheMinBlockLength,     4);
define_pd_global(uintx, CodeCacheMinimumUseSpace,    400*K);

define_pd_global(bool,  TrapBasedRangeChecks,        false); // Not needed on z/Architecture.

// Heap related flags
define_pd_global(size_t, MetaspaceSize,              ScaleForWordSize(16*M));

// Ergonomics related flags
define_pd_global(bool, NeverActAsServerClassMachine, false);

#endif // CPU_S390_VM_C2_GLOBALS_S390_HPP