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8172049: [s390] Implement "JEP 270: Reserved Stack Areas for Critical Sections". Reviewed-by: mdoerr
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#include "precompiled.hpp"
#include "asm/codeBuffer.hpp"
#include "asm/macroAssembler.inline.hpp"
#include "memory/metaspaceShared.hpp"

// Generate the self-patching vtable method:
// This method will be called (as any other Klass virtual method) with
// the Klass itself as the first argument. Example:
//   oop obj;
//   int size = obj->klass()->klass_part()->oop_size(this);
// for which the virtual method call is Klass::oop_size();.
// The dummy method is called with the Klass object as the first
// operand, and an object as the second argument.


// All of the dummy methods in the vtable are essentially identical,
// differing only by an ordinal constant, and they bear no releationship
// to the original method which the caller intended. Also, there needs
// to be 'vtbl_list_size' instances of the vtable in order to
// differentiate between the 'vtable_list_size' original Klass objects.

#undef __
#define __ masm->

void MetaspaceShared::generate_vtable_methods(void** vtbl_list,
                                              void** vtable,
                                              char** md_top,
                                              char* md_end,
                                              char** mc_top,
                                              char* mc_end) {

  intptr_t vtable_bytes = (num_virtuals * vtbl_list_size) * sizeof(void*);
  *(intptr_t *)(*md_top) = vtable_bytes;
  *md_top += sizeof(intptr_t);
  void** dummy_vtable = (void**)*md_top;
  *vtable = dummy_vtable;
  *md_top += vtable_bytes;

  // Get ready to generate dummy methods.

  CodeBuffer cb((unsigned char*)*mc_top, mc_end - *mc_top);
  MacroAssembler* masm = new MacroAssembler(&cb);

  __ unimplemented();