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7133093: Improve system dictionary performance Summary: implement one dictionary per ClassLoaderData for faster lookup and removal during class unloading Reviewed-by: iklam, acorn, jiangli
author coleenp
date Fri, 28 Jul 2017 10:48:35 -0400
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#include "classfile/systemDictionary.hpp"
#include "classfile/dictionary.hpp"

class ClassFileStream;

class SystemDictionaryShared: public SystemDictionary {
  static void initialize(TRAPS) {}
  static InstanceKlass* find_or_load_shared_class(Symbol* class_name,
                                                  Handle class_loader,
                                                  TRAPS) {
    return NULL;
  static void roots_oops_do(OopClosure* blk) {}
  static void oops_do(OopClosure* f) {}
  static bool is_sharing_possible(ClassLoaderData* loader_data) {
    oop class_loader = loader_data->class_loader();
    return (class_loader == NULL);
  static bool is_shared_class_visible_for_classloader(
                                      InstanceKlass* ik,
                                      Handle class_loader,
                                      const char* pkg_string,
                                      Symbol* pkg_name,
                                      PackageEntry* pkg_entry,
                                      ModuleEntry* mod_entry,
                                      TRAPS) {
    return false;

  static Klass* dump_time_resolve_super_or_fail(Symbol* child_name,
                                                Symbol* class_name,
                                                Handle class_loader,
                                                Handle protection_domain,
                                                bool is_superclass,
                                                TRAPS) {
    return NULL;

  static size_t dictionary_entry_size() {
    return sizeof(DictionaryEntry);

  static void init_shared_dictionary_entry(Klass* k, DictionaryEntry* entry) {}
  static bool is_builtin(DictionaryEntry* entry) { return true; }

  static InstanceKlass* lookup_from_stream(Symbol* class_name,
                                           Handle class_loader,
                                           Handle protection_domain,
                                           const ClassFileStream* st,
                                           TRAPS) {
    return NULL;

  // The (non-application) CDS implementation supports only classes in the boot
  // class loader, which ensures that the verification constraints are the same
  // during archive creation time and runtime. Thus we can do the constraint checks
  // entirely during archive creation time.
  static bool add_verification_constraint(Klass* k, Symbol* name,
                  Symbol* from_name, bool from_field_is_protected,
                  bool from_is_array, bool from_is_object) {return false;}
  static void finalize_verification_constraints() {}
  static void check_verification_constraints(InstanceKlass* klass,
                                              TRAPS) {}