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8071851: Provide filtering of doclint checking based on packages Summary: Introducing -Xdoclint/package:<packages> doclint option to enable/disable checking of specified packages. Reviewed-by: jjg, darcy
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date Wed, 11 Mar 2015 22:24:05 +0100
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dc.anchor.already.defined = anchor already defined: "{0}"
dc.anchor.value.missing = no value given for anchor
dc.attr.lacks.value = attribute lacks value
dc.attr.not.number = attribute value is not a number
dc.attr.obsolete = attribute obsolete: {0}
dc.attr.obsolete.use.css = attribute obsolete, use CSS instead: {0}
dc.attr.repeated = repeated attribute: {0}
dc.attr.unknown = unknown attribute: {0}
dc.bad.option = bad option: {0}
dc.bad.value.for.option = bad value for option: {0} {1}
dc.empty = no description for @{0}
dc.entity.invalid = invalid entity &{0};
dc.exception.not.thrown = exception not thrown: {0}
dc.invalid.anchor = invalid name for anchor: "{0}"
dc.invalid.param = invalid use of @param
dc.invalid.return = invalid use of @return
dc.invalid.throws = invalid use of @throws
dc.invalid.uri = invalid uri: "{0}"
dc.missing.comment = no comment
dc.missing.param = no @param for {0}
dc.missing.return = no @return
dc.missing.throws = no @throws for {0} = no "alt" attribute for image summary or caption for table = @param name not found
dc.ref.not.found = reference not found
dc.tag.code.within.code = '{@code'} within <code>
dc.tag.empty = empty <{0}> tag
dc.tag.end.not.permitted = invalid end tag: </{0}>
dc.tag.end.unexpected = unexpected end tag: </{0}>
dc.tag.header.sequence.1 = header used out of sequence: <{0}>
dc.tag.header.sequence.2 = header used out of sequence: <{0}>
dc.tag.nested.not.allowed=nested tag not allowed: <{0}> = tag not allowed here: <{0}>
dc.tag.not.allowed = element not allowed in documentation comments: <{0}>
dc.tag.not.allowed.inline.element = block element not allowed within inline element <{1}>: {0}
dc.tag.not.allowed.inline.tag = block element not allowed within @{1}: {0}
dc.tag.not.allowed.inline.other = block element not allowed here: {0}
dc.tag.not.closed= element not closed: {0} unexpected use of <p> inside <pre> element
dc.tag.self.closing = self-closing element not allowed
dc.tag.start.unmatched = end tag missing: </{0}>
dc.tag.unknown = unknown tag: {0}
dc.text.not.allowed = text not allowed in <{0}> element
dc.type.arg.not.allowed = type arguments not allowed here
dc.unexpected.comment=documentation comment not expected here'{@value}' not allowed here
dc.value.not.a.constant=value does not refer to a constant

dc.main.ioerror=IO error: {0} files given
\    doclint [options] source-files...\n\
\  -Xmsgs  \n\
\    Same as -Xmsgs:all\n\
\  -Xmsgs:values\n\
\    Specify categories of issues to be checked, where ''values''\n\
\    is a comma-separated list of any of the following:\n\
\      reference      show places where comments contain incorrect\n\
\                     references to Java source code elements\n\
\      syntax         show basic syntax errors within comments\n\
\      html           show issues with HTML tags and attributes\n\
\      accessibility  show issues for accessibility\n\
\      missing        show issues with missing documentation\n\
\      all            all of the above\n\
\    Precede a value with ''-'' to negate it\n\
\    Categories may be qualified by one of:\n\
\      /public /protected /package /private\n\
\    For positive categories (not beginning with ''-'')\n\
\    the qualifier applies to that access level and above.\n\
\    For negative categories (beginning with ''-'')\n\
\    the qualifier applies to that access level and below.\n\
\    If a qualifier is missing, the category applies to\n\
\    all access levels.\n\
\    For example, -Xmsgs:all,-syntax/private\n\
\    This will enable all messages, except syntax errors\n\
\    in the doc comments of private methods.\n\
\    If no -Xmsgs options are provided, the default is\n\
\    equivalent to -Xmsgs:all/protected, meaning that\n\
\    all messages are reported for protected and public\n\
\    declarations only. \n\
\  -XcheckPackage:<packages>\n\
\    Enable or disable checks in specific packages.\n\
\    <packages> is a comma separated list of package specifiers.\n\
\    Package specifier is either a qualified name of a package\n\
\    or a package name prefix followed by ''.*'', which expands to\n\
\    all sub-packages of the given package. Prefix the package specifier\n\
\    with ''-'' to disable checks for the specified packages.\n\
\  -stats\n\
\    Report statistics on the reported issues.\n\
\  -h -help --help -usage -?\n\
\    Show this message.\n\
The following javac options are also supported\n\
\  -bootclasspath, -classpath, -cp, -sourcepath, -Xmaxerrs, -Xmaxwarns\n\
To run doclint on part of a project, put the compiled classes for your\n\
project on the classpath (or bootclasspath), then specify the source files\n\
to be checked on the command line.