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8071851: Provide filtering of doclint checking based on packages Summary: Introducing -Xdoclint/package:<packages> doclint option to enable/disable checking of specified packages. Reviewed-by: jjg, darcy
author jlahoda
date Wed, 11 Mar 2015 22:24:05 +0100
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    doclint [options] source-files...

    Same as -Xmsgs:all
    Specify categories of issues to be checked, where 'values'
    is a comma-separated list of any of the following:
      reference      show places where comments contain incorrect
                     references to Java source code elements
      syntax         show basic syntax errors within comments
      html           show issues with HTML tags and attributes
      accessibility  show issues for accessibility
      missing        show issues with missing documentation
      all            all of the above
    Precede a value with '-' to negate it
    Categories may be qualified by one of:
      /public /protected /package /private
    For positive categories (not beginning with '-')
    the qualifier applies to that access level and above.
    For negative categories (beginning with '-')
    the qualifier applies to that access level and below.
    If a qualifier is missing, the category applies to
    all access levels.
    For example, -Xmsgs:all,-syntax/private
    This will enable all messages, except syntax errors
    in the doc comments of private methods.
    If no -Xmsgs options are provided, the default is
    equivalent to -Xmsgs:all/protected, meaning that
    all messages are reported for protected and public
    declarations only. 
    Enable or disable checks in specific packages.
    <packages> is a comma separated list of package specifiers.
    Package specifier is either a qualified name of a package
    or a package name prefix followed by '.*', which expands to
    all sub-packages of the given package. Prefix the package specifier
    with '-' to disable checks for the specified packages.
    Report statistics on the reported issues.
  -h -help --help -usage -?
    Show this message.

The following javac options are also supported
  -bootclasspath, -classpath, -cp, -sourcepath, -Xmaxerrs, -Xmaxwarns

To run doclint on part of a project, put the compiled classes for your
project on the classpath (or bootclasspath), then specify the source files
to be checked on the command line.