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duke@6 1 README:
ohair@3879 2
ohair@3879 3 This file should be located at the top of the Mercurial repository.
duke@6 4
duke@6 5 See for more information about the OpenJDK.
duke@6 6
duke@6 7 See ../README-builds.html for complete details on build machine requirements.
duke@6 8
duke@6 9 Simple Build Instructions:
ohair@3879 10 This repository can be loaded as a NetBeans project, built with ant, or
ohair@3879 11 built with GNU make, e.g.
ohair@3879 12 ant
ohair@3879 13 -OR-
duke@6 14 cd make && gnumake
duke@6 15
ohair@3879 16 The built files that will be imported into the jdk build will be in the
ohair@3879 17 "dist" directory.
ohair@3879 18 Help information is available by running "ant -projecthelp" or "make help".
duke@6 19
ohair@3879 20 Drop Repository:
ohair@3879 21 This repository builds sources from a created "drop" source directory.
ohair@3879 22 These files will normally be copied from a shared directory area or
ohair@3879 23 downloaded from a public website.
ohair@3879 24 See the ant build script (build.xml) for more details.
ohair@3879 25