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#include "precompiled.hpp"
#include "classfile/metadataOnStackMark.hpp"
#include "code/codeCache.hpp"
#include "compiler/compileBroker.hpp"
#include "oops/metadata.hpp"
#include "prims/jvmtiImpl.hpp"
#include "runtime/synchronizer.hpp"
#include "runtime/thread.hpp"
#include "services/threadService.hpp"
#include "utilities/growableArray.hpp"

// Keep track of marked on-stack metadata so it can be cleared.
GrowableArray<Metadata*>* _marked_objects = NULL;
NOT_PRODUCT(bool MetadataOnStackMark::_is_active = false;)

// Walk metadata on the stack and mark it so that redefinition doesn't delete
// it.  Class unloading also walks the previous versions and might try to
// delete it, so this class is used by class unloading also.
MetadataOnStackMark::MetadataOnStackMark() {
  assert(SafepointSynchronize::is_at_safepoint(), "sanity check");
  NOT_PRODUCT(_is_active = true;)
  if (_marked_objects == NULL) {
    _marked_objects = new (ResourceObj::C_HEAP, mtClass) GrowableArray<Metadata*>(1000, true);

MetadataOnStackMark::~MetadataOnStackMark() {
  assert(SafepointSynchronize::is_at_safepoint(), "sanity check");
  // Unmark everything that was marked.   Can't do the same walk because
  // redefine classes messes up the code cache so the set of methods
  // might not be the same.
  for (int i = 0; i< _marked_objects->length(); i++) {
  _marked_objects->clear();   // reuse growable array for next time.
  NOT_PRODUCT(_is_active = false;)

// Record which objects are marked so we can unmark the same objects.
void MetadataOnStackMark::record(Metadata* m) {
  assert(_is_active, "metadata on stack marking is active");