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This dir contains a test for the JDI-SA implementation., are a normal JDI regression test
that uses,,,

This test starts the debuggee,, which just does a wait.
The test then calls which calls all the JDJI interface
functions.  Well, it doesn't call them all yet, but that is the plan.
At least all that are interesting to the JDI-SA client. The result of
each call is sent to stdout

The script runs this test.  It then runs the targ part of
the test and calls gcore on it to get a core dump into file sagcore.
Do >& kk

to run this.  

        NOTE that this produces 1000s of lines of output
        so be sure to redirect to a file.

File is a test program that uses the JDI-SA
client to connect to a core file or pid and then calls sagdoit
which calls the JDI methods.

The script can be used to run sagclient on sagcore: sagcore >& kk1

You can then look at the differences between the 
and the run to see if there are bugs.  Note that the
order of things might be different.

----------------------------------------- contains a script that will run jdb on a core file
using the JDI-sa binding.