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8143342: Integrate Java Image I/O support for TIFF per JEP 262 Summary: Port TIFF reader and writer plugins from JAI Image I/O Tools to JDK 9 Reviewed-by: prr, serb
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date Mon, 23 Nov 2015 12:26:12 -0800
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# Internationalization file for JAI plugins including
#    javax.imageio.plugins.bmp
#    com.sun.imageio.plugins.common
#    com.sun.imageio.plugins.bmp
#    com.sun.imageio.plugins.wbmp

# Common properties
ImageUtil0=The supplied Raster does not represent a binary data set.
ImageUtil1=The provided sample model is null.
ImageUtil2=The provided image cannot be encoded using: 
GetNumImages0=Input has not been set.
GetNumImages1=seekForwardOnly and allowSearch cannot both be true.

# BMP plugin properties
BMPImageWriteParam0=Only versions 2-5 are supported.
BMPImageReader0=Only one image exists in the stream.
BMPImageReader1=Invalid magic value for BMP file.
BMPImageReader2=Invalid compression specified in BMP stream.
BMPImageReader3=New BMP version not implemented yet.
BMPImageReader4=No ImageIO-style reader is found for
BMPImageReader5=Input has not been set.
BMPImageReader6=Unable to read the image header.
BMPImageReader7=Invalid bitmap offset.
BMPImageReader8=Invalid bits per pixel in image header.
BMPImageWriter0=Output is not an ImageOutputStream.
BMPImageWriter1=The image region to be encoded is empty.
BMPImageWriter2=Only 1 or 3 band image is encoded.
BMPImageWriter3=The maximum pixel size should be 32.
BMPImageWriter4=Only version 3 is supported.
BMPImageWriter5=No ImageIO-style writer is found for
BMPImageWriter6=Compression type BI_BITFIELDS should be used for 16 bpp or 32 bpp images only.
BMPImageWriter7=Output has not been set.
BMPImageWriter8=Image is null!
BMPMetadata0=The provided metadata format isn't recognized.
BMPMetadata1=Metadata is read-only.

# WBMP plugin properties
WBMPImageReader0=Only one image exists in the stream.
WBMPImageReader1=Input has not been set.
WBMPImageReader2=Bad WBMP header.
WBMPImageWriter0=Output is not an ImageOutputStream.
WBMPImageWriter1=The image region to be encoded is empty.
WBMPImageWriter2=Only integral single-band bilevel image is supported.
WBMPImageWriter3=Output has not been set.
WBMPImageWriter4=Image is null!
WBMPMetadata0=The provided metadata format isn't recognized.
WBMPMetadata1=Metadata is read-only.