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author duke
date Sat, 01 Dec 2007 00:00:00 +0000
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duke@0 1 Building the entire Open JDK source code
duke@0 2
duke@0 3 This project exists solely for building the entire Open JDK source code,
duke@0 4 i.e. both the Hotspot VM and the JDK.
duke@0 5
duke@0 6 Building this project takes considerable time and disk space. Expect several
duke@0 7 hours and over 3GB. Given that it takes a long time to build all of this
duke@0 8 project code, you might prefer to build it from the command line using ant.
duke@0 9
duke@0 10 Please note: the results of building this project are *not* put in the place
duke@0 11 used by other projects. In this case, the results are place in
duke@0 12
duke@0 13 <install-dir>/control/build/<platform>-<arch>
duke@0 14 and
duke@0 15 <install-dir>/control/build/<platform>-<arch>-fastdebug