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+Instructions for running FontChecker 
+FontChecker is a program designed to identify fonts that may cause JRE
+crashes. Such fonts may be corrupted files, or badly constructed fonts.
+Some crashes may also be due to bugs in the JRE's font code.
+This test is designed to run quickly and silently as part of the JRE
+installation process. It will only benefit users who install the JRE
+via that mechanism. It cannot guarantee to identify all "bad fonts" because
+the tests are minimal. Nor can it prevent problems due to fonts installed
+subsequently to the JRE's installation. However it does ensure that the
+vast majority of problem fonts are identified. This is important
+"RAS" functionality. It is targeted at the consumer/plugin market where
+there is substantial likelihood of end-users having installed software
+packages which may be delivered with fonts that are not up to commercial
+The test is designed to be "fail safe". If the program fails to run
+properly it has no impact on the installer or on JRE execution.
+Thus there is no need to monitor successful execution of the test.
+The test is not a new "tool" in the sense of "javah" etc.
+The test is not designed to be user executable or visible, and should
+be unpacked by the installer into a temporary location, and executed
+once the rest of the JRE is installed (ie as a postinstall step), and
+can then be deleted from the temporary location once installation is
+complete. Not deleting the jar file before execution is complete is
+probably the sole reason that the installer may want to wait for
+the program to complete.
+The FontChecker application can be run directly from the jar 
+file with this command: 
+	%java -jar fontchecker.jar -o <file>
+The output file is a required parameter in this version of the application.
+The JRE installer should use the above form, and use it to create an
+output file which must be named "badfonts.txt" and be placed into
+the JRE's lib\fonts directory eg:-
+        java -jar fontchecker.jar -o "C:\Program Files\jre\lib\fonts\badfonts.txt"
+Note the lower case "badfonts.txt", and the string quotes because of the spaces
+in the path name.
+The location given here is an example and needs to be calculated at install
+time as $JREHOME\lib\fonts\badfonts.txt
+The location and name are important, because the JRE at runtime will
+look for this exactly located name and file.
+This location is private to that JRE instance. It will not affect
+any other JRE installed on the system.
+If running from a different directory than that containing the jar file,
+use the form containing the full path to the jar file, eg :
+	java -jar C:\fc\fontchecker.jar -o "C:\Program Files\jre\lib\fonts\badfonts.txt"
+FontChecker application accepts following command line flags. 
+usage: java -jar fontchecker.jar -o outputfile
+	                -v 
+       -o is the name of the file to contains canonical path names of
+          bad fonts that are identified. This file is not created if
+          no bad fonts are found.
+       -v verbose mode: print progress/warning messages. Not recommended
+         for installer use.
+       -w if running on Windows, use "javaw" to exec the sub-process.