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This directory builds the new version of the Windows AWT.  It's been built
successfully with Visual C++ 4.1, but since it uses very little of VC++'s
runtime, it will probably work with other versions of that compiler.

Included in this project is a generated file, make.depend, which lists
all interdependencies of the source files.  This file is generated *on
Solaris* with the following commands:

	% sccs edit make.depend
	% gnumake -f Depend.mak
	% sccs delget make.depend

This step only needs to be run when new files are added to the project,
or include statements are changed.

Also, if new CClassHeader dependencies are added for Java class files
that are not built from a Java source file listed in java_awt.jmk or
windows_awt.jmk then you need to update the FILES_java list in the
"else" part of the "ifdef JFILES" branch in Depend.mak.
At some point we should look at a way to share the explicit list of
exported files between Depend.mak and GNUmakefile.

 In order to run this command, the executable 
/usr/openwin/bin/makedepend is required to be in your $PATH.