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   <TITLE>Release notes for the jdb debugger</TITLE>
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<H1>Release notes for the jdb debugger</H1></CENTER>
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<A HREF="index.html">Home Page</A>

As a demonstration of the 
<A HREF="">
Java<sup><font size=-2>TM</font></sup> Platform Debugger Architecture</A>
we are providing source code for the <b>jdb</b> debugger, which was
re-written to use
<A HREF="">

<H2><b>jdb</b> man pages</H2>
<a href=""><font size="+1"><b>jdb</b> man pages for Windows</font></a>
<a href=""><font size="+1"><b>jdb</b> man pages for Solaris</font></a>
<H2>Invoking <b>jdb</b></H2>
The <b>jdb</b> sample can be started by executing:
   java &lt;options&gt;.. &lt;class-name&gt;
where &lt;class-name&gt; is the name you would normally
place on the <code>java</code> command line. The <code>-help</code>
option provides information on options. 
Note: the path to the <A HREF="index.html#SETUP">JDI Library</A> and to 
the compiled <b>jdb</b> class files must be on the class path
used to invoke

For more information on invoking and connecting, refer to the
<A HREF="">
Connection and Invocation Details</A> section of the 
<A HREF="">
JPDA documentation</A>, 
particularly the section on <b>jdb</b>.

<H2>Source for jdb</H2>
Full source code for <b>jdb</b> is included under the
<code>debug</code> directory of <code>examples.jar</code>.  
Note: these directories also include the
source for <a href="javadt.html"><code>javadt</code></a>.
Source code for these example applications is included to provide concrete
examples for debugger developers.  Example code may be used, modified
and redistributed by debugger developers providing they adhere to the
terms in the COPYRIGHT notice.
<b>jdb</b> uses the following packages (found under the 
<code>debug</code> directory): 
<DD>Application code
<DD>Expression processing code

<H2>Building jdb</H2>
To completely rebuild the <b>jdb</b> classes from the 
provided source files under the <code>debug</code> directory, 
you need only to compile them. No special
options are required, aside from those which set your classpath to 
include the <A HREF="index.html#SETUP">JDI Library</A>.
However, if you want to modify the expression parser in the file
<code>Expr.jj</code>, you will need the 
<a href="">
JavaCC parser generator</a>. 
It is available free from 
(now part of WebGain)</a>.
    <address><a href=""></a></address>