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% IDE support in the JDK

## Introduction

When you are familiar with building and testing the JDK, you may want to
configure an IDE to work with the source code. The instructions differ a bit
depending on whether you are interested in working with the native (C/C++) or
the Java code.

### IDE support for native code

There are a few ways to generate IDE configuration for the native sources,
depending on which IDE to use.

#### Visual Studio Code

The make system can generate a [Visual Studio Code](
workspace that has C/C++ source indexing configured correctly, as well as
launcher targets for tests and the Java launcher. After configuring, a workspace
for the configuration can be generated using:

make vscode-project

This creates a file called `jdk.code-workspace` in the build output folder. The
full location will be printed after the workspace has been generated. To use it,
choose `File -> Open Workspace...` in Visual Studio Code.

##### Alternative indexers

The main `vscode-project` target configures the default C++ support in Visual
Studio Code. There are also other source indexers that can be installed, that
may provide additional features. It's currently possible to generate
configuration for two such indexers, [clangd](
and [rtags]( These can be configured by
appending the name of the indexer to the make target, such as:

make vscode-project-clangd

Additional instructions for configuring the given indexer will be displayed
after the workspace has been generated.

#### Visual Studio

This section is a work in progress.

make ide-project

#### Compilation Database

The make system can generate generic native code indexing support in the form of
a [Compilation Database](
that can be used by many different IDEs and source code indexers.

make compile-commands

It's also possible to generate the Compilation Database for the HotSpot source
code only, which is a bit faster as it includes less information.

make compile-commands-hotspot

### IDE support for Java code

This section is a work in progress.