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8209598: Clean up how messages are printed when CDS aborts start-up Summary: added a new function vm_exit_during_cds_dumping() to java.cpp so that it can be used when an error condition is encountered during CDS dumping. Reviewed-by: iklam, dholmes, jiangli
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 * published by the Free Software Foundation.
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#include "runtime/os.hpp"

// Execute code before all handles are released and thread is killed; prologue to vm_exit
extern void before_exit(JavaThread * thread);

// Forced VM exit (i.e, internal error or JVM_Exit)
extern void vm_exit(int code);

// Wrapper for ::exit()
extern void vm_direct_exit(int code);

// Shutdown the VM but do not exit the process
extern void vm_shutdown();
// Shutdown the VM and abort the process
extern void vm_abort(bool dump_core=true);

// Trigger any necessary notification of the VM being shutdown
extern void notify_vm_shutdown();

// VM exit if error occurs during initialization of VM
extern void vm_exit_during_initialization();
extern void vm_exit_during_initialization(Handle exception);
extern void vm_exit_during_initialization(Symbol* exception_name, const char* message);
extern void vm_exit_during_initialization(const char* error, const char* message = NULL);
extern void vm_shutdown_during_initialization(const char* error, const char* message = NULL);

extern void vm_exit_during_cds_dumping(const char* error, const char* message = NULL);

 * With the integration of the changes to handle the version string
 * as defined by JEP-223, most of the code related to handle the version
 * string prior to JDK 1.6 was removed (partial initialization)
class JDK_Version {
  friend class VMStructs;
  friend class Universe;
  friend void JDK_Version_init();

  static JDK_Version _current;
  static const char* _runtime_name;
  static const char* _runtime_version;

  uint8_t _major;
  uint8_t _minor;
  uint8_t _security;
  uint8_t _patch;
  uint8_t _build;

  bool _thread_park_blocker;
  bool _post_vm_init_hook_enabled;

  bool is_valid() const {
    return (_major != 0);

  // initializes or partially initializes the _current static field
  static void initialize();


  JDK_Version() : _major(0), _minor(0), _security(0), _patch(0), _build(0),
                  _thread_park_blocker(false), _post_vm_init_hook_enabled(false)

  JDK_Version(uint8_t major, uint8_t minor = 0, uint8_t security = 0,
              uint8_t patch = 0, uint8_t build = 0,
              bool thread_park_blocker = false, bool post_vm_init_hook_enabled = false) :
      _major(major), _minor(minor), _security(security), _patch(patch), _build(build),

  // Returns the current running JDK version
  static JDK_Version current() { return _current; }

  // Factory methods for convenience
  static JDK_Version jdk(uint8_t m) {
    return JDK_Version(m);

  static JDK_Version undefined() {
    return JDK_Version(0);

  bool is_undefined() const {
    return _major == 0;

  uint8_t major_version() const          { return _major; }
  uint8_t minor_version() const          { return _minor; }
  uint8_t security_version() const       { return _security; }
  uint8_t patch_version() const          { return _patch; }
  uint8_t build_number() const           { return _build; }

  bool supports_thread_park_blocker() const {
    return _thread_park_blocker;
  bool post_vm_init_hook_enabled() const {
    return _post_vm_init_hook_enabled;

  // Performs a full ordering comparison using all fields (patch, build, etc.)
  int compare(const JDK_Version& other) const;

   * Performs comparison using only the major version, returning negative
   * if the major version of 'this' is less than the parameter, 0 if it is
   * equal, and a positive value if it is greater.
  int compare_major(int version) const {
      return major_version() - version;

  void to_string(char* buffer, size_t buflen) const;

  static const char* runtime_name() {
    return _runtime_name;
  static void set_runtime_name(const char* name) {
    _runtime_name = name;

  static const char* runtime_version() {
    return _runtime_version;
  static void set_runtime_version(const char* version) {
    _runtime_version = version;