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8230694: http.keepAlive system property is inconsistently/incorrectly documented Summary: trivially fixed the net-properties.html file Reviewed-by: alanb
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 	-Dhttp.agent=”foobar” is used, the User-Agent header will
 	contain “foobar Java/1.5.0” if the version of the VM is
 	1.5.0). This property is checked only once at startup.</P>
-	<LI><P><B>{@systemProperty http.keepalive}</B> (default: true)<BR>
+	<LI><P><B>{@systemProperty http.keepAlive}</B> (default: true)<BR>
 	Indicates if persistent connections should be supported. They improve
 	performance by allowing the underlying socket connection to be reused
 	for multiple http requests. If this is set to true then persistent